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The Game

Sharkworld allows aspiring project managers to experiment and gain experience with key aspects of project management in a highly entertaining and motivating setting.

This online game creates a convincing virtual environment in which a project is developed in real time, urging the management trainee to interfere when things go wrong, or preferably, before they do.

Several suspense scenarios increase the entertainment value of the game. The game covers not only economic aspects, but also social aspects, conflict management and diplomatic skills. Interaction takes place in real life, by real life means.

The game interacts with the player in many different ways: through websites - both fictional and real, cutscenes, email, newspaper articles, chat, sms and written letters.


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Japan Price 2009

Japan Price 2009

1st Prize Continuing Education Category

Dutch Game Award 2008

Dutch Game Award 2008

1st Prize Best Serious Game

Accenture Award 2009

Accenture Award 2009

Best Gaming Concept